American Microsemiconductor Inc., 133 Kings Rd. Madisoin, NJ 07940 announced a distribution agreement with ISOCOM COMPONENTS of Hartlepool, Cleveland, UK to supply their full line of opto electronic components.

American Microsemiconductor Inc. 133 Kings Rd., Madison, NJ 07940 announces a distribution Agreement with ISOCOM Components of Hartlepool, Cleveland, UK to supply their full line of opto electronic products. Isocom Components has been a leading manufacturer of infrared optoelectronic devices for over 25 years. Isocom Components manufactures popular commercial and industrial optocouplers, optoisolators, optically coupled mosfet relays, transistor optocouplers, darlington optocouplers, and Schmitt Trigger devices.

American Microsemiconductor Inc. General Manager Sean Michaels stated that, “this agreement is a natural for American Microsemiconductor, with over 40 years in the semiconductor business and with our large customer base and internet marketing experience and presence, this agreement should benefit both companies tremendously.” American Microsemiconductor ships products to more than 140 countries from its two major facilities.

American Microsemiconductor Inc., is the premier broadline semiconductor supplier both in the United States and worldwide. AMS has over forty years in business and over 100 years of semiconductor technical experience. American Microsemiconductor has earned a reputation as a leader in customer service and performance.

ISOCOM Components offers constant LED current controlled solutions with its opto couplers and arrays. In addition, ISOCOM Components products are RoHS, VDE, and UL compliant. Isocom’s infrared optocouplers compete with drop-in devices from other manufacturers such as G.E., Fairchild, Motorola, NEC, Toshiba, Vishay, and Cosmo. As a value added service, Isocom’s devices can be specially tested for any unique solution that requires customization. Isocom’s markets include telecommunications, infrared processing, and electronic power supplies.

“This agreement will allow our customers to continue manufacturing great products, as well as support new products with surface mount technology. This agreement is exciting for our new customers since it will offer us new products in the growing opto electronics market,” further stated Mr. Michaels. “As the world demands more efficient use of energy, opto devices from ISOCOM Components will offer energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology from traditional incandescent bulb usage. It allows great products to be manufactured through all phases of a growing products life cycle.”

This new distribution agreement with Isocom will enable American Microsemiconductor to fulfill both the design and production quantity requirements of its diverse customer base.

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