Tutorial on Tunnel Diode and Back Diode


TUNNEL DIODE A tunnel diode is a semiconductor with a negative resistance region that results in very fast switching speeds,

Tutorial on Tunnel Diode and Back Diode2022-09-29T17:40:05+00:00

Tutorial on Unijunction Transistor


The unijunction transistor(UJT) is a three terminal device with characteristics very different from the conventional 2 junction, bipolar transistor. It

Tutorial on Unijunction Transistor2022-09-28T02:36:53+00:00

Tutorial on Germanium Diodes


Early semiconductor developments used germanium as the commercial, semiconductor material. Due to its ease of processing and more stable temperature

Tutorial on Germanium Diodes2022-09-28T02:31:48+00:00

Tutorial on Diode Arrays


Multiple diode packaging or diode arrays have been an important semiconductor product. They save assembly time and improve reliability over

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Tutorial on DIAC


The diac is a bidirectional trigger diode which is designed specifically to trigger a triac or SCR. Basically the diac

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Tutorial on Zener Diode


Refer to the characteristic curve of a typical rectifier(diode) in the figure below. The forward characteristic of the curve we

Tutorial on Zener Diode2022-09-28T00:59:35+00:00

Tutorial on Varactor Diode


The varactor diode symbol is shown below with a diagram representation: When a reverse voltage is applied to a PN

Tutorial on Varactor Diode2022-09-28T00:49:43+00:00

Tutorial on Triac


The triac is a three terminal semiconductor for controlling current in either direction. Below is the schematic symbol for the

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Tutorial on Transient Voltage Supressor


Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) are semiconductor devices designed to provide protection against voltage and current transients. The silicon TVS is

Tutorial on Transient Voltage Supressor2022-09-28T00:42:46+00:00

Tutorial on SCR


The Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is simply a conventional rectifier controlled by a gate signal. The main circuit is a

Tutorial on SCR2022-09-28T00:36:38+00:00


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