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Tutorial on SCR


The Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is simply a conventional rectifier controlled by a gate signal. The main circuit is a

Tutorial on SCR2022-10-14T22:04:32-04:00

Tutorial on MOSFETS


A FET with an oxide coating between gate and channel is called a MOSFET (metal- oxide semiconductor field effect transistor).

Tutorial on MOSFETS2022-10-14T22:04:33-04:00

Tutorial on Junction FET


The J-FET (Junction Field Effect Transistor ) and the MOS-FET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor FET) are voltage controlled devices: that is a small

Tutorial on Junction FET2022-10-14T22:04:33-04:00

Tutorial on ECG, SK, and NTE Type Semiconductor Components


ECG semiconductors were originally intended for the replacement, hobbyist, and experimental markets and in time found applications in industrial repair

Tutorial on ECG, SK, and NTE Type Semiconductor Components2022-10-14T22:04:33-04:00

Tutorial on Diode – Rectifier


In this discussion the term diode and rectifier will be used interchangeably; however, the term diode usually implies a small

Tutorial on Diode – Rectifier2022-10-14T22:04:33-04:00

Tutorial on Bipolar Transistor


Bipolar transistors, having 2 junctions, are 3 terminal semiconductor devices. The three terminals are emitter, collector, and base. A transistor

Tutorial on Bipolar Transistor2022-10-14T22:04:33-04:00

Semiconductor Expert Hails From Harding Township


Sep 21, 2022  Observer-Tribune HARDING TWP. - As the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues have revealed the importance of

Semiconductor Expert Hails From Harding Township2022-10-14T22:05:23-04:00


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