Diode Arrays

Diode Arrays have been used for many years in both digital and linear circuits and American Microsemiconductor Inc. has supplied and continues to supply the largest selection of diode arrays.

American Microsemiconductor diode arrays have many advantages over using multiple discrete diodes: reliability, high density packaging, fewer assembly steps (pick and place), fewer discrete parts to assemble.

American Microsemiconductor diode arrays also feature: low junction capacitance, fast switching, isolated diode chips manufactured by high reliability planar processing.

American Microsemiconductor Inc. designs custom diode arrays in many diode array configurations and packages. Although these diode arrays are used in many multiple diode applications, a few more popular applications are:

(a) Steering diode applications
(b) LAN and WAN Networks
(c) Computer and peripheral I/O Ports
(d) Core driver switching
(e) High frequency data lines
(f) Interface networks

American Microsemiconductor Inc. supplies diode arrays in:

(a) Plastic DIP Packages
(b) Hermetic ceramic DIP Packages
(c) Flat Packages
(d) Surface Mount Packages
(e) Most Transistor (TO) type Packages

Some Popular Applications of American Microsemiconductor Inc. diode arrays are:

(a) Electronic Static Discharge protection (ESD)
(b) Electronic Fast Transients protection (EFT)
(c) Surge Protection
(d) Fast switching data lines
(e) Core Driver Applications
(f) Digital I/O Ports
(g) Ethernet Applications
(h) WAN Networks
(i) LAN Networks
In addition, American Microsemiconductor Inc. diode arrays offer:

(a) Discrete isolated diodes
(b) 10 Nanosecond reverse recovery
(c) 8 Picofarad junction capacitance
(d) High component density
(e) Improved circuit reliability
(f) Low leakage current
(g) No cross talk

American Microsemiconductor Inc. Diode Array Specifications (Maximum Ratings) Vrm = 85 Volts
Vr = 75 Volts
If = 215 mA
Tj = 150 Degrees C

Electrical Characteristics @ 25 Degrees Centigrade

Vf (V) Ir (uA) Capacitance (pF)
Junction Diode
Trr (nS)
@100mA @500mA @Vr = 40V Vr = 0V If = Ir = 10mA
RL = 100 Ohms
1.0 1.5 0.100 2 4

In addition, American Microsemiconductor Inc. supplies direct replacements for most popular discontinued diode arrays such as:

FSA2500M MAD130C BAT22 2503P SG9100F TND903 1N5768
FSA2501M MAD130P BAT22E 2503M SG6100G TND905 1N5770
FSA2501P MAD1103C BAT22J 2504M TND907 1N5772
FSA2502M MAD1103F BAT26 2509M TND908 1N5773
FSA2503M MAD1103P BAT26E 2509P TND913 1N5774
FSA2503P MAD1104C BAT26H 2510P TND921 1N5775
FSA2510M MAD1104F BAT28G TND933 1N6100
FSA2510P MAD1104P BAT28H TND938 1N6101
FSA2504M MAD1107C TND939 1N6496
FSA2504M MAD1107F TND940 1N6506
FSA2509M MAD1107P TND942 1N6507
FSA2909M MAD1108P 1N6508
FSA2565P MAD1109C 1N6509
FSA2565M MMAD130 1N6510
FSA2619P MMAD1103 1N6511
FSA2619M MMAD1104
FSA2620M MMAD1107
FSA2620P MMAD1108
FSA2621M MMAD1109