American Microsemiconductor

Incorporated in 1972, American Microsemiconductor, Inc. has been supplying semiconductors and other discrete active electronic components to major industrial accounts worldwide for four decades. Our company operates primarily from two locations. The New Jersey headquarters serves as our sales office, technical support, and corporate management center. Our inventory center, located in Pennsylvania, serves as the primary distribution hub and warehousing facility for our company's growing stock of over thirty million components.

With a well-trained staff, we have supplied and continue to supply many of the largest industries of the world in addition to the United States government and military. Our past, present, and future are based upon excellence, reliability, on-time delivery, and affordability.

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Value-Added Services Available

  • Custom electrical testing and electrical performance customization

  • Solutions for obsolete components and matched electrical properties

  • Manufacture new semiconductors, arrays, and power modules to your design specifications

Our Best Services

While we specialize in "Last Time Buy" obsolete and discontinued semiconductor technology, we also sell new products in addition to:


Silicon Controlled Rectifiers with high surge capability.

Insulated Gate Bipolar...

Power Integrated modules with rectifier and brake chopper.

Dual Power Schottky...

Highly efficient and compact, very low reverse recovery losses.

Hybrid Assembly of...

Hermetically sealed ESD protection for bus, dataline, microctroller protection.

Surface Mount Silicon...

Highly efficient silicon carbide rectifiers, replace slower silicon diodes.

Super Junction Mosfets

Low energy loss mosfet high conduction.

Customer Testimonials

I loved the service and the products are great. Please don’t change! Fast service, Good products, I would recommend...
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Great site layout. Simple transaction. Great store. Excellent online seller. My semiconductors arrived fast and well-packaged. Excellent! Amazingly fast...
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Perfectly straightforward transaction. Goods as specified. Recommended. Fast Delivery, I would recommend AMS and purchase from them again! Quick...
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Extremely easy to work with! … quick and efficient. You have all the components I need! The business was...
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A Great transaction with prompt order filling, good communication and very fast shipment. I will definitely order with AMS...
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Regards, Norm

You have the discontinued parts I need at a great price. I received them fast and can I say...



Why People Choose Us

  • Performance

    Custom electrical testing and electrical performance customization

  • Assist you develop your

    new design solutions to obsolete and match electrical properties

  • Your design specifications

    Manufacture new semiconductors, arrays, and power modules to your design specifications