About American Microsemiconductor

Incorporated in 1972, American Microsemiconductor, Inc. has been supplying semiconductors and other discrete active electronic components to major industrial accounts worldwide for four decades. The company specializes in all semiconductor components for commercial, industrial and high reliability military and aerospace clients.

American Microsemiconductor is also a solution provider for obsolete-but-critical application integrated circuits for the replacement and repair of existing, vital electronic systems – helping to extend the life of our customer’s products. We are staffed primarily by sales and logistics professionals who will ensure that your requirement maintains a low lead-time, fair price, and efficient delivery.

Our supply chain is closely monitored to form strong relationships with reliable sources while filtering sources that may contain potential risk, and we constantly update our supply chain to adapt to the fluctuating nature of the electronic procurement market.

Communication is important to us, which is why we make ourselves available to customers and potential suppliers by phone, fax, email, and other channels such as online chat and Skype.

Our promise to customers and suppliers:

As a customer of American Microsemiconductor, we will remember not only your name, but who you are as a person. We will know your company not for what you need, but what you can do for your clients with the products we can provide you. Not only are you important to us, but we want to feel important to you, too. Our team finds pride in knowing we are able to help you in your business, scientific, or personal endeavor.

As a supplier for American Microsemiconductor, we will represent your product fairly and accurately. We will ensure that your product can be shipped with little-to-no delay after your initial lead time, and maintain constant communication on project awards, requirements, targets, and lost bids.