HV MOSFET Super Junction (600V – 650V)

Enabling high power system efficiency and outstanding product reliability for Power Supply Units (PSU)

PANJIT launches its first generation Super Junction (SJ) MOSFET suitable for various topologies of DC-DC converter and Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits while providing easy and efficient design solution. The newly-launched SJ MOSFET is targeted for utilization on Power Supply Units (PSU). A PSU is the power conversion system such as AC-DC or DC-DC converters, which are widely used in commercial and industrial systems. Applying Multi Epi Layer technology to the Super Junction MOSFET wafers could help decrease the power loss, which enables the SJ MOSFET applying on higher power system; thus, PANJIT’s new generation SJ MOSFETs is target to use on power system such as communication, data center, computing power supply, PD charger/adapter for home appliance and game console, etc.

Furthermore, the key characteristics for PANJIT’s SJ MOSFET are excellent di/dt, ruggedness of the body diode and optimized switching performance for achieving great EMI performance. Thanks to these outstanding characteristics, the design will allow systems to take advantage of a longer lifetime and easy-design with PANJIT’s SJ MOSFETs. PANJIT’s SJ MOSFETs with voltage from 600V to 650V, assembled in ITO-220AB-F.TO-220AB-L and TO-252AA packages are the ideal solution for Power Supply Units.

Key Features

  • Easy Version
  • Excellent EMI, Good Efficiency
  • Smaller Trr & Qrr
  • Hard/Soft Switching
  • Soft Switching
  • Small Eoss and Qoss
  • Small Qoss , and Qg
  • Good diode di/dt ruggedness
  • High diode di/dt ruggedness


  • TV/PC Power
  • Charger & Adapter
  • Consumer Electronics
  • LED Lighting Power
  • Server Power
  • EV Charging Pile
  • Industrial Power
  • Traction Invertor
  • OBC
  • DC/DC Converter


  • Easy_FET
  • FR_FET

Package Types

  • TO-247
  • ITO-220AB-F
  • TO-252AA
  • TO-220AB-L
  • TO-263
  • ITO220
  • TO220
  • TO-LL
  • DFN8x8
  • D2PAK
  • DPAK

Super Junction MOSFET Devices Line-Up