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Semiconductor Tutorial

Tutorial on Germanium Diodes

Early semiconductor developments used germanium as the commercial, semiconductor material. Due to its ease of processing and more stable temperature characteristics, silicon

Tutorial on Diode Arrays

Multiple diode packaging or diode arrays have been an important semiconductor product. They save assembly time and improve reliability over individually packaged

Tutorial on DIAC

The diac is a bidirectional trigger diode which is designed specifically to trigger a triac or SCR. Basically the diac does not

Tutorial on Zener Diode

Refer to the characteristic curve of a typical rectifier(diode) in the figure below. The forward characteristic of the curve we have previously

Tutorial on Triac

The triac is a three terminal semiconductor for controlling current in either direction. Below is the schematic symbol for the triac. Notice

Tutorial on SCR

The Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is simply a conventional rectifier controlled by a gate signal. The main circuit is a rectifier, however

Tutorial on MOSFETS

A FET with an oxide coating between gate and channel is called a MOSFET (metal- oxide semiconductor field effect transistor). The figure

Tutorial on Junction FET

The J-FET (Junction Field Effect Transistor ) and the MOS-FET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor FET) are voltage controlled devices: that is a small change in


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